Alternative Counseling & Wellness Center

Bring balance to your life


Alternative Counseling & Wellness Center† was created to help individuals find their inner source for healing, enrich their lives and meet their full potential.† We offer individual counseling, coaching and wellness training.

The direction in which we focus our energy is where we can expect to see results.† Becoming conscious of that focus is the first step.† Is your life about other people, your work, or mired in the past ?†† Isnít it time you really† learned to take care of yourself?†† You canít be there for everyone else until you build a solid foundation with which to support yourself.

Come learn more about who you really are becoming.† Find the power within that gives your life meaning.† Face that problem in a way that transforms and brings balance to your life.†† Allow self-awareness to awaken your true power.


Belvedere Towers, Suite 105

1190 W. Northern Pkwy

Baltimore, MD 21210

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Phone: 410-433-3737

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