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You have within you the ability to heal. You have within you the ability to transform, grow and change. You possess infinite possibilities for the life you have been given. You are life itself.

In my work for the past 23 years, it has come to my attention that humans are powerful beyond measure.

Sometimes it helps to have a guide.  Like the shamans of old, a proper healer will assist you on your own journey that will not look like anyone else’s.  Though there may be much to learn from the paths of others, your path is sacred, unique, may be bumpy with twists and turns and a few dead ends.  The human spirit ventures forward.

The intersection of mind, body and spirit is a fruitful plane where we find a moment in space and time to examine, exist with and change that path, our lives, this essential thing. It is difficult to describe,   having the good fortune to be witness, to personal transformation towards wisdom, calm, joy and happiness. It is awe inspiring.

This multi-dimensional transformation occurs in fits and starts over time. Think of it as a sacred inner quest. Your guide may help you re-frame your experiences and choices with cognitive behavioral therapy. Your doctor or nurse practitioner may prescribe psychotropic medication that allow you to advance in your inquiry. You may recover from the worst affects of trauma by doing EMDR or body focused therapies, calmer, safer, and with the vision to steer ahead. You could develop your intuition and begin to test your insights, separating them from wishes or fears. Perhaps, your therapist simply helps you to feel what you already know, but haven’t been able to apply. If you were abused, neglected or thrown away, your facilitator can teach you your value like a warm and caring teacher, re-programming internal dialogue into better, more useful, internal messaging system..  Living the power of psychoeducation and suggestion, your teacher may be able to show you just how much better life can be, if you can open to the very real possibilities.

In therapy or not, if you continue to hide from the little monsters that plague you, they will grow in strength. Your disowned selves will rebel and make trouble with impulse control, numbing behaviors and unhealthy life choices.  A book, class, movie, or group can be a wonderful transformational therapeutic tool as well.  The sad ones, the anger gremlins, the torture victims, just need a safe place to express, be heard and accepted. When this happens, all parts of ourselves can come together and become very powerful.  Whether the goal is peace and happiness or changing the world, your dreams are made for you to realize.

Bring balance to your life.

Psychology is baby science. As much advancement as we have in medication, genetic matching, conditioning, cognitive therapy, the rush of recent trauma treatment successes, we still know little of the human psyche. What we do know is what works for many people. Our clients teach us every day. Interestingly, the latest advances in psychology put us nearer the realm of ancient wisdom than ever before. This makes sense because many of our shared traditions are coming full circle. The ancients knew so much more then our science assumed. In many areas, they are being proven right.

Embrace the infinite possibilities of the life you‘ve been given.



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