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Alternative Counseling & Wellness Center can help professionals reach their full potential.

Some may visit our home to get a sense of who we are.  To you I say, you have also come to the right place.  We are a group of optimists, with deep knowledge and acceptance of the pain that many experience as part of life.  We recognize the raw power in that pain for transformation. As holistic practitioners, we treat the whole person or the smaller part they wish to share.  We strive always for excellence, quality, ethical care and acknowledge the sacred work we do.  We honor your commitment, compensating as generously as possible.  We support pro-bono and sliding scale as well.  While we help with technology, marketing, billing and make documentation easy, we understand you deserve to make a living and this too, is honorable.  You are special breed, unique, diligent and unsung.  Alternative Counseling honors all healers.  We strive to help individual providers create the practice they want and will support you.  We believe in ethical boundaries.  We support self-care and work/life balance. We are a group of warm, caring co-workers.  We believe in win/win, never win/lose. Consider developing yourself within the safe arms of Alternative Counseling.  We get it.

ProvProv or professional providers meeting occurs bi-weekly.  We meet via Zoom and this has finally given us a chance to really bond, joke around, support each other and enjoy group supervision. There’s no substitute for caring co-workers who really get it.  If we can’t meet in the hallway and walk each other outside, we’ll meet on the zoom room.

Build the kind of practice you have always wanted. Perhaps you need casual, part-time while juggling a myriad of responsibilities.  Maybe you are ready to really grow, experiment, stretch into new areas of expertise knowing you have the support of your colleagues.  It could finally be time to create exactly the type of practice you have always wanted.  We will help you do that.  We support therapists who wish to add some non-traditional services as well. ACWC will keep you busy with a steady stream of referrals matched to your specialties, population and skills.  We offer the most generous percentages in private practice because we want to work ethically and collaboratively with our clients and our therapists.  We believe in the win/win and hope to achieve career long alliances.

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Bel Air

1212 Churchville Road 
Bel Air, MD 21014 


2191 Defense Highway
Suite 312 
Crofton, MD 21114 


6851 Oak Hall Lane, Suite 302
Columbia MD 21045


Sandbar Village Shopping Ctr
19413 Jingle Shell Way Unit 2
Lewes DE 19958-6307

Silver Spring

The Montgomery Center
8630 Fenton St, Suite 920
Silver Spring, MD 20910


The Shell Building 
200 E. Joppa Rd, Suite 407
Towson, MD 21286

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