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Meditation exercise:

This simple energy balancing meditation is a great start to the day or a nice way to go to sleep. Practice this meditation at any time, as often as possible, to enjoy the most benefit.

This simple energy balancing meditation is a great start to the day or a nice way to go to sleep.  Practice this meditation at any time, as often as possible, to enjoy the most benefit. Read this here and remember. You don’t have to do it perfectly because there is no way to do it perfectly, just do it your way. Let your intuition be your guide.  If you get scared, just say a little prayer or imagine yourself surrounded by a sparkling blanket of protective energy, call your guides or an angel. All will be well.

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position with your back straight, hands on your belly or resting comfortably on your lap. Close your eyes gently, let your jaw relax.  Begin by taking a deep breath, thinking to yourself: taking in all I need in the moment and exhale: letting go of all I don’t need anymore.  Repeat this three more times.

Imagine a beautiful glowing light right above your head, like a glowing cloud or a small star.  This is your spiritual energy.  It may have colors, it may swirl, pulsate or twinkle.  This is your highest self, your essential spiritual self.  Sometimes we let go of our energy to protect ourselves.  Know that you can increase your energy whenever you want.  Imagine this beautiful energy coming into an opening at the top of your head.  This beautiful energy comes into your mind, your eyes, your ears, your nose and mouth.  It is healing and comforting, relaxing the muscles in your face, healing any areas that bother you.  Imagine the beautiful energy coming through your minds eye on your forehead, right between and above your eyes.  This is the seat of your intuition. You see the truth from this area. Breath in and out in breaths that are of equal length.

Now, feel this magical energy as it moves down your neck, your shoulders, loosening and calming the muscles there, soothing the ligaments in your neck.  It may feel warm or liquid or pulse.  See this beautiful, calming energy shine through your throat center, the front, middle of your neck.  This is your will, your speech, your truth, how you communicate your needs and information to others. Speak your truth. Imagine this energy shining through your throat center, relaxing any tightness or blocks as it moves. Breath in and out slowly and accept this healing light.

Next you notice this lovely energy moving down your chest, your arms, your upper back.  It relaxes and soothes all the muscles and organs. Feel this healing energy traveling down your arms, forearms, hands, fingers.  See this energy coming through the palms of your hands, the ends of your fingers glowing.  The light relaxes your back, washes down your chest.  Breathing through your lungs, heart and liver. Beautiful energy flowing through your heart center.  This is compassion, love itself, healing and knowledge flowing through your heart.  You know how to better protect yourself and your heart.  You breath this healing light through your lungs with each breath. It sparkles and shines. Breath through this center, your heart open and compassionate, calm and knowing.  Trust the process.

As you are already feeling the benefit of this relaxation, notice the energy washing down your torso, your back, loosening all your muscles. The energy is moving through all your organs, calming and healing. See this energy moving through your solar plexus just above the belly button. This is the seat of your power, your ego, you who acts in this life.  Know yourself. Breath and meditate or who you are.  You are a beautiful gift to this world.

The energy continues to float down through your lower abdomen, your lower belly, organs and lower back.  Working through tight places and letting it all go.  Cleansing and calming all it touches.  See this energy move through your sacral center, in the middle of your lower belly, above the pubic bone, healing your body. This is the center of desire, your emotional self, of passion and longing, lovers and children, fierce protective instincts. Visualize the light as your breath it through your body.  Stay a moment in this sacral energy.

Next, feel this energy travel down to your seat, your genitals and buttocks, relaxing and soothing any tension.  Feel the energy move through down your legs, thighs, knees, calves and feet. Imagine this energy coming out the bottom of your feet, connecting to the earth. Feel the energy moving through your base center, where you sit.This is your physical self, connected to your ancestors, the earth and the basic needs of your life and body. Breath in and out in equal length. Know your worth, your connection to this physical plane.

Now imagine this spiritual energy spinning and pulsing through all your energy centers.  While you are completely in touch with your energy, this is a good time to ask for what you want. Notice and enjoy your time and space in your energy.  What does it feel like?  Are you inspired? Do you have ideas or impressions? What does this look like, feel like, sound like in your mind’s eye.  Are there colors?  Ask yourself, what do you need to know, or is there a message or a single word?  Just be with this moment and pay attention, breathing slowly and rhythmically.

If you would like to add to this energy balancing meditation.  Feel the great energy of the earth beneath your butt, all along your back or through your feet and invite the earth energy through you too. You are incarnate in this physical body, you are of the earth.  Allow this steady earthly energy to rise up your feet, seat or back and join with the spiritual energy already in your body.  Notice the spinning of your energy centers, the colors or the feelings, vibrations or sounds.  There is no right or wrong.  Know that you are blessed with this spiritual energy meeting this earthly energy and this makes you a human.  Just be in your energy, be in this moment, experiencing slowly the subtle energies that are always all around us.

As you have enjoyed this balancing of your energy, begin to slowly move your hands and feet around, your arms and your legs.  Slowly open your eyes, softly gaze around.  Breath in the life force energy and exhale peace and tranquility.  Know that you can call upon this energy at anytime and know that you belong here and are of great value.

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